Bursting onto the scene in 2014, Amber Na is currently the #6-ranked DJ in Asia by DJane Top and #58-ranked worldwide. Amber Na has fast become one of the top touring DJ's in Asia, having performed over 100 shows across the country since 2014. She was the highly anticipated female DJ to be invited to play at Ultra Taiwan: Countdown Tour 2020, S2O Taiwan Songkran Music Festival 2020, and has developed a devoted following across the region. In addition to her energetic live performances, Amber Na has earned a reputation as a talent on social media and as a young musician in this generation, she is a familiar face at major music festival and events across Asia. Her electrifying performances have thrilled audiences across the region.

Amber Na has become a mainstay in Asia festivals and clubs. She's a real crowd pleaser, and plays commercials mashups, EDM, hard-style, trap. progressive music and more. With a strong following of close to 5 millions of social media combined Amber Na is no stranger to the limelight and entertainment industry.

Her uncompromising love for music does not allow her to limit herself to just a single style.Being one of the most popular artist in Asia, she is an upcoming DJane to look out for. Amber Na had been one of the most in demand DJs since hitting the decks in 2014, easily racking up at least ten shows a month both locally and overseas Amber Na graduates with a IPE Management University at Paris, France of Bachelor in International Business on 07 October 2019.

Amber Na built her global reputation from her works across films,TV shows and modelling around the Asia region since 2012 and was inspired to take a step forward with her DJing in the year 2014.In the same year, Amber Na's DJ career lift-off by getting invited to perform around Asia, including Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan, Philippines, Cambodia, and many more. Amber Na is always exploring are ways to interact with her crowd and gives out her most to keep the vibe on the roof.